Vascular Surgery

Vascular Surger

Our board-certified vascular surgeons specialize in treating patients with disorders due to medical problems in the arteries and veins. For patients with blockage in the arteries to the legs or varicose veins that can cause pain with walking, we offer the latest in minimally invasive procedures. For patients at risk for aneurysm rupture, we offer minimally invasive surgery.

We also offer stroke prevention diagnostic testing and treatment for patients at risk of a stroke

Treatments offered include:

      • Carotid artery surgery/stroke prevention
      • Less invasive aneurysm repair (EVAR, Stent Graft)
      • Open aneurysm repair
      • Minimally invasive peripheral arterial interventions (balloon angioplasty and stenting)
      • Peripheral arterial bypass surgery
      • Treatment for phlebitis and blood clots
      • Comprehensive varicose vein treatments
      • Dialysis access surgery for kidney failure
      • Comprehensive leg and foot wound care


      • Carotid ultrasound
      • Ultrasound scanning for blood clots
      • Magnetic Resonance Angiography (MRA)
      • Arterial Doppler study of the legs or arms
      • CT scan angiography (CTA)