Mohs Surgery

Mohs Surgery

If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with skin cancer, know that effective treatment options are available. If necessary, you will be referred to our board certified dermatologist, who specializes in Mohs surgery. Our Mohs surgeon has specialized skills in dermatology, dermatologic surgery and dermatopathology.

Mohs surgery is the preferred treatment option for certain skin cancers and has a very high cure rate. Mohs surgery is unique because when the skin tissue is removed, it is processed in a way that allows 1) virtually complete analysis of the margin (border) for remaining cancer cells and 2) relatively quick results so that if more tissue needs to be removed, it can be done then and there.

When Mohs Surgery is Appropriate:

  • Was treated previously and recurred
  • Occurs where it is important to preserve healthy tissue for maximum functional and cosmetic results, such as eyelids, nose, ears and lips
  • Is located in scar tissue
  • Has edges not clearly defined
  • Grows rapidly or uncontrollably

Advantages of Mohs Surgery:

  • It produces the highest reported cure rate.
  • It carefully removes cancerous tissue while providing the possibility of conserving healthy tissue.
  • The procedure is performed in the physician’s office under local anesthesia. This results in shorter recovery time and less risk for complication.