Palliative Medicine

Senior lady and her granddaughter

This is comprehensive medical care that attends to the patient and his/her family living with serious illness, at any stage, regardless of prognosis. It improves quality of life by focusing on prevention and relief of suffering through detailed treatment of pain and other problems –- physical, emotional and spiritual. Palliative care can be provided at the same time as treatment that is meant to cure.

Serious illness may include: cancer, heart disease, lung disease, kidney failure, dementias, AIDS, ALS or multiple sclerosis.

Palliative Medicine Services offered include:
• Relief of pain and discomfort without having to give up curative treatment
• Help in making difficult medical decisions at every stage of illness
• Practical advice and information for you and your family
• Support and counseling for concerns related to serious illness
• Long-term planning and identification of community resources for individuals living with serious illness
• Working with your doctor(s) to maximize your treatment and care options
• Assistance in identifying care after discharge from the hospital