James Wang, D.P.M.


Dr. James Wang ( pronounced Wong) is one of a unique group of board certified podiatrists who have completed a four-year residency that focused on surgical and traumatological conditions of the foot and ankle. Less than one percent of all podiatrists have this type of training. He specializes in deformities and injuries of the foot, ankle and lower leg.

A graduate of Pennsylvania College of Podiatric Medicine in Philadelphia, Dr. Wang went on to complete a four-year residency and fellowship program at the Presbyterian Medical Center of Philadelphia at the University of Pennsylvania with an emphasis on major traumatological and reconstructive surgery of the foot and ankle. This training included a one year rotation in general and vascular surgery and eight months of plastic and reconstructive surgery in addition to a fellowship in deformity and limb reconstruction.

He is highly regarded for his pioneering surgical techniques in sports medicine using minimal incisions resulting in a quicker, less painful recovery which allows patients to walk immediately. Present technology forces patients to be immobilized and non-weight bearing for extended periods of time.

One of the primary areas where this is evident in is in the treatment of hallux valgus or bunion correction. Many of the present techniques require a patient to be immobilized without walking for six weeks or longer. Dr. Wang has published peer-reviewed papers in podiatric and orthopedic journals that demonstrate how painful deformities can be corrected with minimal incisions which facilitates immediate walking and actually allows the body to heal faster. This innovative technique also results in less pain and swelling during the post-operative period compared to the traditional approach using screws and plates that accounts for the longer recovery period.

Dr. Wang has also been a leading surgeon in metatarsal lengthening in congenital short metatarsals and previously operated bones. Utilizing external fixation with a minimally invasive approach to lengthen bones without bone graft restores function to many patients in an accelerated fashion.

Another area where Dr. Wang has pioneered innovative techniques is ankle reconstruction in an effort to avoid a fusion or replacement which destroys all normal ankle joint function and range of motion. Dr. Wang has been highly successful in avoiding these severe measures by reconstructing ankles by arthroscopically removing scar tissue and repairing cartilage defects. At times he employs a technique called arthrodiatasis, which distracts the ankle joint and removes all stress to the joint surfaces allowing them to properly heal restoring motion and function for an active lifestyle.